For a crystal to form in nature, it takes several million years, and only a small part of those will ever be found, mined and cut and sold as gemstones. It takes a lot of factors to determine the value of a precious stone namely: rarity, quality and even setting. Dilly Collection offers you the most authentic handcraft silver jewellery seasoned with natural coloured stones. The jewellery in Dilly Collection is handmade in our ateliers by devoted artists. What you see as an outcome is a reflection of their hard-earned craftmanship from generation to generation.

Apart from Dilly Collections, we have a selective designer;Daniel Vior. Daniel Vior’s jewels are conceived and crafted in the emblematic Elxample district of Barcelona. The ambiance of this city imbues Daniel Vior’s designs with a cosmopolitan and Mediterranean spirit.

Daniel Vior’s 25 years’ experience as designer and craftsman is reflected in the style and technical feature of his jewels. Daniel Vior takes into account every details of his designs: each enamel, each gemstone and in particular making each piece something special.


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