Guarantee of Quality

All our leather accessories are under the guarantee of the brands we represent confirming 100% high quality leather and non existence of unhealty chemicals and processing.


Unbelievable but true… Its style is to leave the leather as natural as possible and use the parts of leather which lasts, last and lasts…Once you buy a GÖN product, you will know that it will become more beautiful as the leather ages.

But this is not all about GÖN. It is also a social project that deserves an applause. GÖN is the story of touching the woman exertion. All of GÖN products  are outcome of women craftsmanship who are not or cannot be employed. The social norms in the lives of these women do not allow them to work in a factory or an atelier. GÖN has come up with a business model that makes this possible. The products are 100% handcraft at “house ateliers”. The woman now is independent, productive and creative.

In a conventional production, it takes  between 2-4 hours to produce a bag whereas  for a GÖN product a woman spends 25-30 manhours. The craftsmanship, the durableness and the organic touch are all in. GÖN comes out of women’s hands. The woman who originates this product with her effort and time becomes the architect and the designer of that.

Once you select a product from GÖN you will be touching the life of a woman. Be part of the applause !

Not Everybody Can Put This Signature

The story of MATRAŞ started in 1947, now an integrated production center as one of the top leather brands also producing for world giants in leather like Prada, Miu Miu, Burberry, Mulberry etc. The style belongs to urban men and women. It combines top quality leather with elegant and functional designs. The fans of Matraş recognise Matraş classics.

It has an integrated production center that takes the unprocessed leather to final product. This is the power behind its quality. Today it exports more than 60% of its portfolio to the rest of the world. You were already using Matraş products under other brands, now Matraş  is ready to offer this quality under its own mark to Switzerland.

It is FASHION. Punto!

Founded in 1972, DESA employs a team of skilled craftsmen and artisans. DESA has been continuing its operations as a producer of leather and leather products, signing off significant accomplishments over 40 years. DESA combines the very best traditional techniques with contemporary design and over 40 years of innovative manufacturing experience. The Company gives significant importance to materials and craftsmanship of high standard that provide its products with high quality and durability.  Using only the very finest leathers each unique collection artfully blends innovation and modern luxury with its own signature style. DESA recently launched showrooms in Dusseldorf and London which will enable the Company to expand footprints of DESA-branded products internationally. It has two brands DESA and DESA1972. You will hear more of them in Switzerland.